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Golf Like An Athlete

Rebuild your swing from the ground up


Welcome to Golf Like An Athlete, an instructional approach that draws on a simple athletic principle to reimagine the way you approach learning to swing, from the ground up.


Change your game forever with one lesson.

It Doesn't Make Sense...

If your like most people, you can...

  • Throw a football or frisbee with consistently good accuracy to a friend

  • Swing a baseball bat and make contact with a pitch

  • Hit a tennis ball

  • Swing a 8 iron and hit the ball 150 yards, 15 yards, slice it right, hook it left, or just completely miss it


How can this be?


How can most of us be athletic enough to accomplish most basic athletic movements consistently, yet still be so inconsistent at golf? 


On top of this, how is it that we then go get lessons, read books, and watch countless YouTube videos we find ourselves getting...worse?

My Journey


I've spent years coaching the golf swing while pursuing my own swing perfection. This journey has taken me throughout every golf text, video, and training aid imaginable, most of which were producing inconsistent or unsustainable outcomes. 

Knowing there must be a better way, I began looking for answers to the swing dilemma that afflicts us all not in golf texts or instructional videos, but instead in the foundations of other sports core movements. I wanted to see what similarities existed between swinging a tennis racquet, throwing a frisbee, swinging a baseball bat, hitting a slap shot in ice hockey, and the golf swing. 

What I found changed my game and instruction forever. 

The Lesson 

This site is designed to guide your through everything you need to know to rebuild your swing from the ground up. The content can be both studied and mastered in ~1 hour, making this the equivalent of one incredible golf lesson at your local driving range or club. 


Get started with your lesson

Dave P. - NJ

"I was a classic upper body swinger and scoring decently well but never consistently, focusing on the lower body has taken so much of the variability out of my scoring"

Alan G. - CO

"As an engineer by trade, I always do best when I understand how something is supposed to work. Understanding how the golf swing connects to so many other common sport swings helped me understand where I was going wrong"

Ryan F. - TX

"I've spent a lot on lessons and training aids over the years. Seems like all I ever needed was a frisbee." 
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