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Golf Like An Athlete

Rebuild your swing from home with live online private instruction


Welcome to Golf Like An Athlete, an instructional approach that draws on simple athletic principles to reimagine the way you approach learning to swing, from the ground up.


Change your game from home with live online private instruction

Improving Your Swing

What we'll accomplish? ​

Our lesson plan is focused on helping current high handicap golfers struggling with their swings to re-learn the basics from the ground up. The two main goals we'll accomplish together include:

  1. Getting you to stop moving in "3 dimensions" (i.e. across the X, Y, and Z axis) and get you moving in just one direction (i.e. just the X axis)

  2. Getting you to stop moving in "2 directions" (i.e. right and then left) and get you moving in just one fluid direction (i.e. a circle) 

These two pillars will greatly simplify your golf swing by helping you move more athletically, which is the foundation for more consistent, injury free golf.

How we'll accomplish it?

We'll use 30 minute online private lessons to walk through the lesson plan. All you need is a computer that can connect to a video conference and enough space in your home or backyard to freely swing an 8 iron to get going. 


Most students can progress through the entire plan in 1-3 sessions.

How to get started? 

Book your first session today via our online booking platform!

Dave P. - NJ

"I was a classic upper body swinger and scoring decently well but never consistently, focusing on the lower body has taken so much of the variability out of my scoring"

Alan G. - CO

"As an engineer by trade, I always do best when I understand how something is supposed to work. Understanding the swing plane in such simple terms was a game changer for me"

Ryan F. - TX

"I've spent a lot on lessons and training aids over the years. Seems like all I ever needed was to start by standing up" 
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