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My names Dan, and I've been playing golf competitively and teaching the golf swing locally in Northern New Jersey for years. 

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Instructional Philosophy

Golf did not come naturally for me. I had to build my swing through 1000's of hours of in person and online instruction, most of which did more harm then good by shifting my focus from the big picture of the swing (i.e. fluidity, moving in one dimension, and moving in one direction) to microscopic movements such as where my right elbow was pointing, how my wrist angles were set, etc.

My instructional philosophy is based on helping golfers understand both why and how the swing flows together for more consistent, solid contact. 

Teaching is a passion and hobby of mine, and I truly enjoy the fun of helping fellow golfers unlock the potential within their swings. Lessons are intentionally laid back, and I love staying in touch with students post lesson to see how their game has been transformed. Swing videos and updates are highly encouraged!

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