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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is each lesson? 

Each lesson is approximately 30 minutes. 

Can I book two back to back lessons?


You can, but I believe that 60 minute lessons are too long for the average student to properly learn and internalize the concepts we will be covering. I recommend trying one 30 minute lesson to start and we can game plan your path forward together from there. 

How much will I learn in each lesson? 

Using the Lesson Syllabus as our guide, we'll go step by step through each phase of the syllabus until that particular movement pattern has been mastered. On average, it takes the average student 1-3 lessons to master all of the concepts contained within the Lesson Syllabus

How much space do I need at home? 

Enough space to be able to comfortably swing an 8 iron!

How does the online lesson work? 

We'll log into a video conference together at the time of the lesson. The only requirement is that you set up your computer camera in a space that will give you enough room to freely swing an 8 iron and far enough away from you so that I can see your full swing in action.


What if I have technical difficulties during the lesson? 

It's no problem at all! If we can't start (or finish) your lesson for any reason (WiFi, laptop issues, interruption at home), we'll continue it at another time at no additional cost. 

What is your availability? 

Lesson availability is always kept up to date directly online. Check out the Booking Calendar to see current availability.

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