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Lesson Syllabus

Our goal is to sequentially step through and master each of the following concepts over the course of 1-3 lessons...​
  • Introduction

    • Understanding your current swing and training plan? 

  • Swing Theory

    • Understanding the "3 dimensions and 2 directions" swing plaguing most amateurs​

    • Moving towards a "1 dimension and 1 direction" swing as our overall goal

  • Swing Plane & Release

    • Moving from a "3 dimensional swing to a 1 dimensional swing" through establishing the basics of a swing plane and release into your swing

  • The Transition​

    • Moving from a "2 directional swing" to a "1 directional swing" through understanding the transition​

  • Putting it All Together

    • Fluidly connect the backswing, transition, and release + follow through ​

  • Checkpoints

    • Checking your swing against the major checkpoints (i.e. club pointing down the target line at takeaway, hands dropping in transition, high finish, etc.

  • Pre Shot Routine

    • Taking your new swing out on the course with you!

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