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Is there a Golf Industrial Complex?

Disclaimer: This is a satirical post. I don't think the Golf industry is conspiring against the average golfer, but it's still a fun thought exercise!

With so much instruction out there fixating golfers on upper body concepts such as club path, wrist angles, shoulder rotation, and arm alignment...and so little instruction focused on developing the lower body movement foundational for powering all athletic pursuits that involve generating horizontal force on a object (i.e. throwing a football, swinging a tennis racquet, the golf swing), it's made us wonder....

  • Why is golf taught in a manner completely orthogonal to how every other related sport's movements are taught?

  • And who stands to benefit from golfs obsession with a "tail wagging the dog" approach to learning the swing?

With more bad golfers out there:

  • More balls get lost

  • And thus more balls get bought

  • More golf lessons get booked

  • A 1 hour lesson can cost anywhere from $100-$150

  • 10 lessons will set you back over a $1000!!!

  • More clubs get sold

  • We all know the friend that's always swapping out clubs, believing they are just 1 club away from fixing their swing maladies

  • More trips to the range

  • With more buckets of balls sold

  • More training aids, gizmos, and gadgets get sold

  • More food and beverage sales on the course

  • We all know the inverse correlation between poorer and poorer play driving more and more beer purchases!

An entire industry of practice facilities, instructors, course operators, ball manufacturers, club manufacturers, and swing aid merchandisers is sustained through golfers struggling to improve, and they have an active economic disincentive to see golfers get better.

So when your trolling through YouTube video after video or going to get lesson after lesson without seeing real improvement, keep in mind that the reason your being taught to swing a club in a way that is completely uncorrelated to the way we are taught to perform most other athletic movements is because it's in the industries best interest to keep you swinging poorly!!!

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